Honu Hones LLC.
Rehabbing work- that is undertaken buy a general contractor, licensed and bonded. All work is permitted and city inspected. The work done is top quality, the home will be the best in the neighborhood.  Often the final product is sold within ninety days or less. Property is advertised from day one, and we aim to rehab and sell on a tight schedule. 

Sale Amount upon completion        $170,000.00 

Listing will be with Honu Homes LLC owned by clients Rob and Pippa Mundie. 


Angel Blair

Commercial Loan Broker
Rehab Finance Specialist
(253) 261-1065.
Honu Homes LLC
Rob And Pippa Mundie
Offer In 5/20/2012
Amount 80K
Rehab   57K
LACFS  12/5

Buy now price will depend upon where seller is at during the rehab.  Call owner Rob or Pippa at (425) 299-9612
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Funded July 2012 through Financial Services Venture Capital NW LLC Broker Angel Blair
July 12, 2012 Update Video